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What is the Best Exterior House Paint?

How to Choose Exterior Paint for your Fort Collins Home?

Exterior painting requires a durable house paint that can protect surfaces in the Fort Collins climate ranging from cold winter nights to hot summer days. How well an exterior paint will protect your Colorado house depends on the quality and type of the paint, surface preparation, and its application.

When selecting the exterior house paint, keep in mind these top factors:
  • • Long-lasting durability in Fort Collins weather
  • • Mold, mildew and fungus resistant
  • • Protects against UV rays
  • • Good adhesion and ease of application
  • • Choose stylish dark colors that resist fading
  • • Environmentally friendly, Low VOX

When painting the exterior of your Fort Collins home, select paint that is non-toxic and safe.

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GreenSheen Latex Exterior House Paint

Exterior House Painting Tips

Cleaning Exterior Walls:

Preparing the house surface is very important to ensure durability and avoid blistering. We recommend Fort Collins homeowners use a water pressure washer to clean the exterior house walls of dust, dirt, and bird residual. Pressure washing prepares the house surface for new exterior painting by removing any chalking residue from old paints.

Exterior Paint Primer:

Skipping primer can result in stains coming through your exterior paint or cause peeling and early paint failures. A good house primer will act as a sealer helping adhesion of the new exterior paint, creating a smooth attractive look for your Fort Collins home. Always use a primer when painting latex paint over a previously oil painted or stucco surface.

Exterior House Color:

The most common mistake is choosing an exterior house color is that is too light. The Colorado sun will wash out colors, so it is better to choose a darker color. Painting lighter colors around the porch will make a Fort Collins home feel more welcoming. Choose exterior paint colors that blends well with the neighborhood.

Latex vs. Oil Exterior Paint:

In most circumstances, water-based latex paint performs better in the Fort Collins climate than oil-based paints. Latex paints have flexibility for expansion and contraction; and are more breathable to prevent trapping moisture in stucco and wood siding. Latex exterior paint dries faster on stucco on Colorado homes, and is easier to clean dirt residue lodged in wood slidng grooves..

What is the Best Exterior Paint for painting your Fort Collins Home?

Ask your Fort Collins Paint Retailer for the GreenSheen Brand of Quality Latex House Paint which is environmental-friendly, low VOX and infused with mildew inhibitors. Exterior house paints for stucco and wood siding are available in a wide range of stylist designer colors available in 1 gallons cans, 5 Gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes for commercial painting.

GreenSheen is a Colorado eco-friendly business playing an important role in the environmental trend of “eco green” house and commercial painting with minimal or no harm on the environment. Order GreenSheen Paint, Call (303) 514-3955 .

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