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Keep leftover old paint from landfill

September 21, 2012 - Denver, Colorado - KMGH-TV Channel 7 News Report "Local company keeps paint from landfills"

Kevin Callahan, Owner GreenSheen Paint, states that estimates between 65 million and 1.8 billion gallons of unused latex paint is thrown away annually in the U.S.

"Paint is very, very simple," Callahan said. "It's primarily water, it's a little bit of glue and it's a little bit of essentially clay and chalk they make into colors." He continues by stating "The problem is often times this simple compound is thrown in the trash in huge quantities. The latex paint ends up in landfills and can leach into the ground soil."

Green Sheen Paints takes that unwanted paint and strains it and makes new, high-quality paint out of it.

GreenSheen is giving used paint a "New Sheen". Read the complete story "Local company keeps paint from landfills" on the Channel 7 Denver News website: CLICK HERE - View Colorado Channel 7 News Report featuring Kevin Callahan GreenSheen Paint

GreenSheen encourages homeowners and businesses to recycle their leftover old paint. Greensheen conducts local paint roundups and waste paint collections making it easy for people to clean out their storage areas to recycle their leftover old paints. To schedule a local Paint Roundup, call GreenSheen at (303) 514-3955 or visit their website:

GreenSheen is one of the largest recycled paint producer, green earth friendly latex paint that is environmental-friendly and safe to use. At GreenSheen, they are taking leftover paint turning old paint into a greener future by providing an inexpensive, environmentally safe latex paint to homeownwers, commercial businesses, and painting contractors.

GreenSheen offers Eco-Friendly Paints for Residential and Commercial, Interior and Exterior, featuring the best Environmentally Green Paints that are contributing to safer, healthier planet. Go Green Buy GreenSheen Paint.

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