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Recycle your used, unwanted paint

July 26, 2012 - Denver, Colorado - KUSA-TV Channel 9 News Report "Recycle your used, unwanted paint"

The EPA estimates that approximately 400 million gallons of leftover latex paint goes into our landfills every year. That's over 1-million gallons per day. The people at Green Sheen are trying to help by rounding up all your leftover paint and recycling it.

"It's really pretty simple. We take in latex paint from all different sources; homeowners municipalities. In the past, it's always been looked at as just trash when in reality someone paid $40, $50 or $60 for that. So, we take it, run it through a process of recycling and turn it back into a professional grade paint, and remarket it back to the consumer at about a 75 percent discount." owner of GreenSheen - Kevin Callahan said.

"The Green Paint trend is growing in popularity everyday and we are getting busier the more people learn about this process. I think the biggest problem is that people don't even know that it's possible to recycle used unwanted, leftover latex paint," Callahan said.

GreenSheen is one of the largest recycled paint producer, green earth friendly latex paint that is environmental-friendly and safe to use. At GreenSheen, we are painting the way toward a greener future by providing an inexpensive, environmentally safe latex paint to homeownwers, commercial businesses, and painting contractors. CLICK HERE - View Colorado Channel 9 News Report Featuring Kevin Callahan GreenSheen Paint

GreenSheen offers Eco-Friendly Paints for Residential and Commercial, Interior and Exterior, featuring the best Environmentally Green Paints that are contributing to safer, healthier planet. Go Green Buy GreenSheen Paint.

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