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PaintCare Colorado - Free-of-Charge Paint Recycling

PaintCare Colorado

GreenSheen has collected 4685 lbs. of paint, now diverted from Colorado landfills since the launch of PaintCare Colorado on July 01, 2015.


PaintCare Colorado

New paint recycling program affecting all architectural paint users

GreenSheen is happy to announce we will be participating as an official Colorado PaintCare Partner. Beginning July 1st, 2015, common household paints, including waterborne architectural paints, primers, stains, and numerous other products can be easily and conveniently disposed of by dropping them off at GreenSheen, an approved PaintCare Drop-off Location.

GreenSheen Paint Recycling Drop-off Location:
1281 West Dartmouth Ave
Englewood, CO. 80110
Customer Service: (303) 514-3955
Paint Recycling Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm

On June 6th, 2014, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law Senate Bill 14-029, "Colorado Architectural Paint Stewardship Program". This law adds Colorado to a growing number of states who are taking a proactive approach to provide a convenient paint disposal program for common household paints.

Traditionally, unused paint tends to sit in garages or basement storage areas, oftentimes forgotten for many years. Beginning July 1st, 2015, Colorado residents and businesses can dispose of common household paints, including waterborne architectural paints, primers, stains, and numerous other products free-of-charge.  They can be easily disposed of by dropping them off at GreenSheen Paint Recycling.  GreenSheen is Colorado's largest paint recycling company with paint round-up events and pickup service throughout Colorado.

GreenSheen accepts house paint and primers, stains, sealers, and clear coatings (e.g., shellac and varnish) but we do not accept aerosols (spray cans), solvents, and products intended for industrial or non-architectural use.

Use of Paint Recycling Drop-Off Site by Businesses
GreenSheen will provide a recycling option for painting contractors at no cost. Contractors that generate less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month will be able to use our drop-off recycling location for both water and oil-based products with some restrictions on quantities per month.

Businesses with at least 330 gallons of post-consumer paint may qualify to have their paint picked up at no additional cost. To learn more, call (305) 514-3955.

The below list of products are part of the PaintCare Colorado program The recycling fees are included in when you purchase them, and they are accepted for free when you take them to GreenSheen drop-off Location and paint round-up events, and at participating PaintCare sites.

Covered Products for Free-of-Charge Disposal at GreenSheen Drop-off Location:

  • Architectural paints: interior and exterior architectural coatings sold in containers of 5 gallons or less.
  • Interior and exterior architectural paints: latex, acrylic, water-based, alkyd, oil-based, enamel and textured coatings
  • Deck coatings, floor paints (including elastomeric)
  • Primers, sealers, undercoaters
  • Stains
  • Shellacs, lacquers, varnishes, urethanes (single component)
  • Waterproofing concrete/masonry/wood sealers and repellents (not tar or bitumen-based)
  • Metal coatings, rust preventatives
  • Field and lawn paints


Non-Covered Products Under PaintCare Colorado

  • Aerosol products (spray cans)
  • Industrial Maintenance coatings
  • Original equipment manufacturer (shop application) paints and finishes or specialty coatings
  • Paint thinners, mineral spirits, solvents
  • Auto and marine paints
  • Art and craft paints
  • Caulking compounds, epoxies, glues, adhesives
  • Paint additives, colorants, tints, resins
  • Wood preservatives (containing pesticides)
  • Roof patch and repair
  • Asphalt, tar, and bitumen-based products
  • 2 – component coatings
  • Deck cleaners
  • Traffic and road marking paints

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