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What is Architectural Paint?

Also Known As (aka) Architectural Coatings

What is Architectural Paint?

Architectural Paint is often defined as "architectural coatings". Architectural coatings for application to stationary structures and their appurtenances, portable buildings, pavements, curbs, fields and lawns. Most Architectural Paint (aka architectural coatings) products are for home use, interior and exterior, sold in containers of five gallons or less. The terms architectural paint and decorative coatings are often used interchangeably. In a board definition, they include all coatings applied for decorative purposes on new and existing residential, commercial, industrial or other buildings.

However, the term "Architectural Paint" does not include all paint and coating products. It excludes adhesives, aerosols and specialty coatings recommended by the manufacturer or importer solely for industrial maintenance, equipment manufacturer, shop applications or solely for application to non- stationary structures, such as airplanes, ships, boats, and railcars.

Examples of Architectural Paint include:

  • - Interior and exterior architectural paints: latex, acrylic, water-based, alkyd, oil-based, enamel and textured coatings
  • - Deck coatings, floor paints (including elastomeric)
  • - Primers, sealers, undercoaters
  • - Stains
  • - Shellacs, lacquers, varnishes, urethanes (single component)
  • - Waterproofing concrete/masonry/wood sealers and repellents (not tar or bitumen-based)
  • - Metal coatings, rust preventatives
  • - Field and lawn paints

Non-Architectural Paint Products (regardless of container size) include:

  • - Paint thinners, mineral spirits, solvents
  • - Aerosol paints (spray cans)
  • - Auto and marine paints
  • - Art and craft paints
  • - Caulking compounds, epoxies, glues, adhesives
  • - Paint additives, colorants, tints, resins
  • - Wood preservatives (containing pesticides)
  • - Roof patch and repair
  • - Asphalt, tar and bitumen- based products
  • - Deck cleaners
  • - Traffic and road marking paints
  • - Industrial Maintenance (IM) coatings
  • - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) (shop application) paints and finishes