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Buy Bulk Paint - Wholesale Prices to Laramie Contractors & Property Managers

The GreenSheen mission is to offer 100% environmentally-safe premium quality latex paint at the lowest price. Premium quality paints that provides superior painting coverage while protecting the environment.

Buy bulk paint at discount wholesale prices available in:

      One gallon cans, five gallon pails and bulk in 275 gallon totes.

We provide blended recycled paint solutions to save money on your Laramie commercial painting jobs. Use for exterior and interior painting on wood, stucco, masonry, and dry wall. A variety of quality paint at an affordable price that allows Laramie contractors, property maintenance companies, commercial painters, and home builders to save all year long.

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Where to buy Latex Paint at Wholesale Prices in Laramie?

Get the best paint for your money – buy directly in bulk from Laramie wholesale paint supplier.

Painting can be a huge investment. Many property managers and contractors shop at major retailers to purchase large quantities of paint. Per-gallon prices for designer paint can range from $20 to more than $60. Now you can save money on your commercial painting. Buy GreenSheen paint, you save up to 60% of the retail price per can.

We sell bulk paint at wholesale pricing to Laramie commercial painting contractors, architects & designers, construction jobs, paint distributors, home builders, homeowner associations, hotels, schools, churches, condominiums, property management, and property maintenance companies. We can provide a good color mixture of paint in 5 gallon pails and in bulk 275 gallon totes at a very low price.

What's the difference between a $35 can of paint and GreenSheen?
Same quality but at a lower price. Greensheen is Premium Recycled Latex Paint that is meticulously screened and filtered to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards. Our paint is made of name brand paints that met or exceeded all VOC regulations for Wyoming. 100% “Green” environmentally-safe recycled paint. Save money – buy paint in bulk at wholesale price and promote environmental awareness.

How can you wholesale paint so cheap?
Much of the cost of the raw materials and the manufacturing has already been absorbed by the original manufacturer and buyer. Because we simply re-process that paint in large volumes, we are able to do so very cost effectively and pass the savings onto our customers. We offer Laramie property maintenance professionals, building contractors and commercial painters a line of architectural latex paint for interior and exterior projects in a variety of sheens and colors. Long-term durability at highly competitive prices.

We are helping Laramie property managers, architects, home builders, and painting contractors toward a greener future by providing an inexpensive, environmentally safe latex paint.