GreenSheen Paint: Helping the Planet One Can at a Time

GreenSheen Paint: Helping the Planet One Can at a Time

GreenSheen Paint: Helping the Planet One Can at a Time


We are a renewable, eco-friendly, Cleantech Company based in Colorado that collects, processes and recycles latex paint into our premium quality branded architectural paint, GreenSheen.


Our beginning, founded on proprietary technology. Our founder Kevin Callahan started the company six years ago after going to the Boulder County Hazardous Materials Management Facility (HMMF) where he asked if he could have their latex paint. They were more than happy to give it to him otherwise they would be shipping it to the local landfill. Kevin transported the paint in the back of his pickup truck to his home, where he developed our proprietary methodology to recycle latex paint into a premium quality architectural grade paint that could then be sold to contractors and consumers. Now six years later we have a 20,000 square foot state of the art paint recycling facility in Denver. More than 4 million pounds of paint prevented from going into Colorado landfills to date In 2016 alone we will collect well over two million pounds of paint from Colorado residents and businesses. The collected paint will be separated, mixed, and blended along with proprietary steps and ultimately packaged as our GreenSheen-branded architectural grade premium paint.


Today we sell our GreenSheen-branded paint through a network of approximately 125 wholesalers across the country. We also sell it from our Factory Store on W. Dartmouth Avenue in Englewood. What I have learned so far and why GreenSheen is special. Every day people come to our facility to drop-off paint. They never need an appointment and there is no charge. Without exception everyone leaves pleased. First, they are happy to get the paint out of their basements and garages and they are equally pleased there was no charge for the service. Just as importantly they are pleased to learn that the paint will be recycled. Often I am asked, “What do you do with all the paint?” I tell them about our process and the fact that it will all be recycled and re-used.


Similarly, painting contractors come by to purchase our paint. They all have that look you get when you know you’ve gotten a good deal. They know they are buying a quality paint for $12/gallon which is less than half what they would pay at a big box store. But again, while they have the satisfaction from knowing they are saving money they also feel good about using recycled paint.


Our Business Model and Growth Plans for the Future. What our founders Kevin Callahan and his partner Jeff Hyatt, who runs our sales operation, achieved over the last six years validates our recycling business model. We have proven that you can profitably and efficiently recycle latex paint and do it at high volumes. Our next step is to replicate our paint recycling facilities across the country. We plan to open 50 paint recycling facilities across the US over the next seven years.


We think the work is important and the environment will be cleaner because of GreenSheen and along the way consumers will have a new choice for their paint buying needs. What we are looking for homeowners and contractors who share our passion and vision.