Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about Latex Paint and House Painting

To ensure we produce a high quality, professional grade, product we have implemented several quality assurance guidelines for our paints. Each process has a complex set of quality assurance guidelines:

  1. Inspect every gallon to make sure it is water-based paint
  2. Open every gallon to make sure it is liquid, has not been frozen, and matches what is on the label
  3. Consolidate/blend like products and colors into larger pails making sure to remove as much paint as possible from the original container
  4. Dry and crush, if necessary, the original containers so that they can be recycled
  5. Test the consolidated paints in several ways to ensure they meet our quality standards
  6. Clean and package the paints for sale to the consumer.

The finished product is a professional-grade paint that is available in a wide range of designer colors. Our paint looks great, is for use inside and out and is available at a fraction of the cost of regular paints.

Much of the cost of the raw materials and the manufacturing has already been absorbed by the original manufacturer and buyer. Because we simply re-process that paint in large volumes, we are able to do so very cost-effectively and pass the savings on to our customers.

GreenSheen Paint is the paint you can buy at a local retailer or big box store. We take in paints from nearly every major brand. Many of which are $40, $50 even $60 per gallon.

Most of these paints are in perfect condition. In fact, some of the paint we take in is brand new, never even opened. You get the benefit of the name brand paint without the name brand price.

Here’s what two customers have said about GreenSheen Paint:

“This stuff works as well as any paint I have ever paid full price for”.
~Professional Paint Contractor

“Man this stuff covers great. I bought 5 gallons wondering if it would be enough. It covered so well that I still have a gallon and a half left. Not only did I save money when I bought this stuff but I used less than I thought I would. I could have bought less.”
~ Fix ‘n Flipper

Yes! Our paints are meticulously screened and filtered to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards. When our paint is shipped to our customers, it is ready to be brushed, rolled and sprayed, just like major paint brands – but at a fraction of the cost.

Use this equation to estimate the amount of paint needed:

Measure the length of the walls of the room you want to paint (example: a 12′ x 12′ square room has 48 feet of walls). Multiply that total (48) by the height of the ceiling (example: ceiling is 9′ tall = 48 x 9 = 432 feet).

Now find out how much space is missing because of windows and doors and subtract that from the total. Example: window is 4’x 4’=16 square feet missing… door is 3’x7’=21 square feet missing… 432 square feet of wall space – 16 square feet missing for the window and 21 square feet missing for the door = 395 square feet of wall being painted.

Most paints will cover about 325 square feet per coat. So, take the total square feet you are going to paint (395) and divide by 325 (the amount of square feet a gallon will cover) and you need 1.2 gallons. You can’t buy 1.2 gallons so you’ll have to buy 2 gallons which bring us back to exactly why were recycling paint in the first place. You’re going to have some leftover.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC levels are generally referring to the organic gases released upon application of the paint.

Allowable VOC levels are typically regulated by the State but as a rule of thumb the maximum should not exceed 250g/l. As GreenSheen Paint is made of name brand paints that met or exceeded all VOC regulations for the State where they were originally available for sale, our VOC content usually falls well below allowable limits for the States where it is available for sale.