• Our commitment

  • Sustainability metrics/report

  • Sustainability goals/objectives

  • Successes

  • Opportunities for growith

Our commitment:

Founded on sustainable practices, GreenSheen is committed to continuous environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical benefits in the community we do business.

Sustainability metrics/report:

  • We have an over 95% paint-to-paint recycling rate
  • We have a total landfill diversion rate of 84% (this includes all materials either reused, repurposed or recycled).

Sustainability goals/objectives:

  1. Maintain an annual 91% paint-to-paint recycling rate.
  2. Reuse or recycle 100% of all 5-gallon HDPE paint buckets received by Q1 2025.
  3. Reuse or recycle 100% of all 1-gallon polypropylene cans received by 2025. 


  • In 2022, GreenSheen received a CDPHE RREO grant to create a first of its kind, paint bucket wash line. This system was completed on 6/29/2023 and will allow us to simply wash and reuse 5-gallon buckets rather than sending that material through the whole energy intensive recycling process.
  • We now offer bucket washing as a service to businesses, governmental agencies, and any other entity wanting to reuse buckets. Please contact [email protected] for more information.
  • The Colorado Paint Stewardship Program does not cover the management of paint containers collected through the paint recycling program. Instead of throwing valuable metal and plastic containers in the trash, GreenSheen has taken the initiative to recycle and reuse containers collected through the program. 

Opportunities for growth:

  • Electrify our truck fleet.
  • Created a closed loop, bucket-to-bucket recycling system locally in Colorado, rather than sending plastic to other states to be remanufactured into new containers.

Questions? Need more info? Contact, [email protected]